6. concerts

mason jennings

this was an AMAZING concert that dave and i went to for his birthday. it was a surprise which made it even more fun. we spent the morning in venice, and then drove up the canyon to ojai. dave had no idea what we were doing. he kept asking me if we were going horseback riding cause all we kept seeing were ranches and hills. finally we parked the car, pulled our bikes out of the trunk, and rode through a park until we started hearing music playing. dave turns to me and says all serious.. "court...are we going to a concert?" i smile. "court...are we going to the Mason Jennings Concert??!!" Ahh it was so great. Dave had mentioned it like 4 months earlier and said it would be fun to go but he had totally forgotten about it by this time. he was so stoked as was i. i love a good surprise. so we rode in on our bikes, which we parked in a "lot" surrounded by haystacks. figures...hippy town TO THE MAX. we even got a raffle ticket to enter a big drawing because we were being "green" by riding our bikes to the concert. little did they know our car was just around the corner. he he. anyways, the concert was out of control. mason jennings is so good. we have seen him a few times live because he just rocks it out. jack johnson even decided to give us a surprise visit with a hippy beard and all in ojai spirit. this was a great concert.


this was a good time as well. dave and i took our mothers to this concert. ahhh cute i know. we got floor seats to this sold out concert and we were so stoked. i had to hit up the pre-pre-sale for those tickets! i have loved listening to coldplay since i was in middle school. and i still love listening to them. i could have their music on repeat all day long and never get tired of hearing it. this was also the music that i made into the soundtrack of my life. almost every song has a meaning, emotion, or story behind it. do you ever do that? anyways. this concert was the best EVER. we were their kick-off show for their new CD so they gave us all a free concert cd and rained us in these cool neon butterflies after the show.

i still have them pinned to my cork board at home. if you have never been to a coldplay show and you like them, save up your mula and go...you will never regret it and they won't ever dissappoint.

moral of the story...i love concerts. sorry for all the detail.

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