luke the duke

So originally I was waiting for wedding pictures and honeymoon pictures and all that but it is taking wayyy to long. So, I am just going to start updating.

We just had one of the best weekends! We went home to visit THIS GUY....
He just got home from a mission in El Salvador. Dave hadn't seen him in 4 years! We decided it would be fun to surprise everyone at home and act like we couldn't make it down for his homecoming...but little did they know we were actually planning on it! On our drive down, our tire blew out...so we got in a little late. Luke was sleeping (typical returned missionary)...but we woke him up and said hi anyways. They were all super surprised and stoked we could make it.
The boys and the rest of the Facer clan hit up fish bay for a little morning surf while I filmed. It was a beautiful, warm, and sunny day. Perfect San Clemente.
Then we went here... (south one of course)

Followed by some thrift shoping at rat pac and other fun shops in San Clemente. It was a perfect Saturday.
Luke gave his homecoming talk...it was so good! He's all grown up haha. The Facers had a lot of family over so it was fun seeing everyone. We were supposed to leave Sunday, but the weather was WAY too nice to leave so we decided to skip our Monday classes and stay an extra day. Even though we are all "grown-ups" now we had a giant sleepover in the livingroom. Go us.

Me, Dave, Clare, Luke, and my dad all woke up at 630 AM and went surfing at churches. We were the only ones out and it was such a beautiful day! You can't beat 85 degree weather in November.

I know...this is an old picture of Luke before the mish surfing at Doheny...i just like it.

All in all it was a super fun trip and we are so happy for Luke to be home! Can't wait for more California sunshine...we already miss it.


danielle.marie said...

good for you guys, taking some time to visit the fam and the ocean! :)

Nicole P said...

I am pretty sure Luke is one of the best looking men I have ever seen. Oh and glad your honeymoon and Costa Rica were fun :)