and so it begins...

Dave and I have been married just over ONE MONTH now! And since I have been horrible at journal writing I hope that this blog will help keep me motivated to keep track of all the fun memories of our first year of marriage.

First off....I am so lucky. Our wedding day was awesome, I married my best friend who I've known since I was 14. So fun right? I'll have to write a whole other post when I have time about our wedding, honeymoon, and our birthdays!
We just moved in to our cozy little apartment, complete with a dungeon of a bathroom. Not really, but kinda. It is the perfect place for us and I can't wait to get everything out of boxes. One of my favorite assets to our home is Dave's collection of Calvin and Hobbes comic books taking over the coffee table. Charming.

Some of the things I have learned in the 1st month of our marriage:
1. You are not always right. (but most of the time...yes..yes you are). just kidding.
2. Since men are "warmer blooded" Dave gets the "cool" side of the bed away from the wall. Makes sense.
3. Dave can eat almost anything and be fine with PB and Js everyday of the week. I need a variety.
4. Having no TV is a blessing. (except when bachelorette is on. my ONLY guilty pleasure. blame my mom).
5. Husbands are really helpful when dealing with gross things like....mold...and..bugs.
6. It is awesome to have someone to bounce all of your ideas off of. I feel smarter already.
7. Men really do believe in the saying "happy wife, happy life."
8. Riding bikes together is BOMB. Do it.
9. Free dates are the best dates.
10. Being married to your best friend is as golden as a "get out of jail free" card. so rad.

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