This is how we spent Thanksgiving morning....

with shotguns & handguns. We shot clay pigeons, no, no live turkeys.

We also ice skated on this little frozen pond...

We had so much fun shooting that we completely missed the family dinner. Oops. We made up for it by stuffing ourselves full of the 20 different kinds of pie. Delish.

This year has been an eventful one! It started on New Years Eve of last year with Dave asking me to marry him. So many great things have happened since then. Looking back it is crazy to remember a time not being with Dave. It is so natural, fun, comforting, and real. I love our love. He really is the best husband ever and he helps me in so many ways. For instance today, I am sick and completely sore because we went snowboarding yesterday. So what does Dave do? He cleans our house, does our grocery shopping, and brings me home my absolute favorite drink (Odwalla "mango tango) and a magazine with one of my favorite actresses on the cover (Emma Watson - just because I love HP). How SWEET is that? I am so blessed. So shout out to you Dave.

This year I am thankful for (in no particular order):
getting engaged
my sparkly GOLD ring and his to match
being able to live in hawaii for 4 months while engaged
getting married to Dave (the best husband EVER)
the newport beach temple
our honeymoon in costa rica! we miss it everyday
birthday time in las vegas
my family - both sides
our little cozy house made of bricks
love notes from Dave
family dinners consisting of 2
surprise visits to california
chances we get to surf
school (as much as I am ready for this semester to be over)
our jobs
the temple
snowboard passes! we are so stoked
and soooo many more things. we are BLESSED.

OK, so this is going to be a random and sparse event, but I, Dave, am going to add to this wonderful bloggy.
I am reminded of the many things I have been blessed with by the Lord and it starts everymorning with me opening my eyes. I see the most wonderful woman every created and she is beside me im our comfortable bed. I am so grateful for her, for the person she is and has grown to be. I am grateful for her charity and love, she truly puts herself and her wants behind mine and thats something that amazes me everytime i think about it. I am also blessed to have a temple sealing with this wonderful lady. she means the world to me and i cant think about not being with her after this life. I am so lucky and i try to live worthy of her love. I am sorry if i am a bit overnoard on this, but court said i could write whatever i want and this is what i am grateful for this year. So ya.


Cash said...

you guys are so cute! love it. oh and by the way you didnt miss any surf in CA cause it has been FLAT this whole week. We ended up shooting guns one day too. We need to hang out again soooon!

danielle.marie said...

i got straight up teary eyed when i read what dave said. i love you guysss!