goodbye fall...

These pictures are from the very beginning of fall. The leaves started changing color and the mountains were masterpieces. Dave and I love to get outdoors...so here is how we spent some of our fall days:

We went on a lovely bike ride up Provo Canyon from Bridalveil Falls up to the end of the trail. It was super pretty. I LOVE the oranges, yellows, and reds. They only last for a short time here in Provo, so we had to enjoy them bike ride style.

Dave has really been wanting to go canoeing for a while. So finally, over conference weekend, we loaded this bad boy up...

AHEM...crazy right?? I was just waiting to get pulled over. Thankfully we made it (by holding the sides of the canoe whilst driving to keep it from sliding off). yay.

Then we shoved off...

And had a lovely ole time.

It was so fun! I highly recommend it next year for all you sports fans.

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