the bird....snowbird that is

Is it a bad sign that my body is still sore 3 days after snowboarding? On Saturday when I woke up I couldn't even lift up my head. This could mean one of three things, or all:
1) I was charging the mountain so hard that I used a lot of muscles I haven't in a while
2) I am just that out of shape. Sad.
3) Due to me shredding the gnar, I fell about 10 times and crunched my body in the process. (3 somersaults included!)

I'm leaning toward option three, though could be an awesome combination of both 2 and 3. Oh man. I love it though. Nothing like the first day back on the mountain! I hadn't been for two years and it was so fun to go with the Facers. By the end of the day I was finally getting back into the flow of it all and it was amazing. Dave and I are especially stoked because we got passes this year. Waking up to fresh powder this morning WOULD be exciting, except for the fact that our season doesn't start till December 10th at Sundance. Oh well. This is gonna be the only thing that gets us through winter up here, and it will be something fun we can do together each week. Any of you have Sundance passes? Let's goooo!

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