.:our wedding:.

Where to start....our wedding day was SO perfect. The day was beautiful, mellow, and fun. In the morning I woke up so relaxed and just ready to be married to Dave. Dave came to my house after I got ready and we rode to the temple with my parents. We were so happy to be married in the LDS Newport Beach Temple. The sealing ceremony was so beautiful. We loved having all of our family there. That was by far the best part of the day. We were finally Mr. and Mrs. Facer!!!

Our wedding party was so fun. It was basically all of our brothers and sisters plus Tom Hall and minus Luke. LOVE them.

Of course after the temple ceremony, we had to take sooo many pictures. We took pictures at the temple and then more pictures of just Dave and I in a field in El Toro with our sweet ride.

Then it was home for a quick rest then off to the reception. Our reception was just as we pictured it. A mellow, garden mood set with twinkling lights and some of our favorite tunes. We cut cake, mingled with guests, and danced the night away. We were so stoked with how many people came to show their love and support. It was the best party ever. Our families rock. Dave was so sweet the whole night and I loved the moments we shared there. After the reception was coming to a close, we were showered with sparklers and drove off to start our honeymoon in COSTA RICA. :]

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