9 Months - April 2, 2014

You get a thrill out of chasing any kind of bird, whether that be ducks at the pond or seagulls at the beach.

You love your board books more and more. Especially the ones with flaps you can open. You are very proficient at this!

You are moving around with the help of furniture pretty well. And you love trying to climb. You are going to keep me on my toes, I can tell!

We wanted to play tennis on a nice sunny day, so we brought your pack-n-play and had you on the side of the court. It was full of a ton of toys, but of course just pulling the wipes out of the box was your favorite! It was fun for all of us.

We go and visit dad for lunch breaks at BYU and walk around, sometimes we visit the MOA. You are so cultured ;)

You love all animals, I took you to a friend's "farm" and you were not scared one bit of the alpacas, cows, horses, etc. I was scared they were going to try to eat your little top bun off your head!

We saw the Angel Moroni get placed on the Provo City Center Temple.

Last month in Utah! Pretty soon you will be a California babe once again.

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