8 Months - March 2, 2014

The day after you turned 7 months old you started legit crawling, and it hasn't stopped since! You picked it up super quick and you love to move around.

When you are sitting in your carseat, you like to kick your right leg over the side. Just a funny little thing you do.

You can pull yourself up to standing on lots of things.

You never. stop. moving. Which I am happy about, it just makes me tired.

You LOVE the bee on Baby Einsteins.

You’ve got your two bottom teeth! 

You love jumping in your jumper.

You are starting to “play” with little friends and “share”

We visited dad’s future school, UoP in San Francisco. We went to Alta Plaza park, and I loved watching you crawl in the grass and pick the little daisies. 

We took you sledding up at Sundance in a cardboard diaper box. You had the cutest little smile and you did great in the snow!

We took you swimming for the first time and you loved splashing around. Water baby!

Grandma Lisa came to visit and we went to the Hogle Zoo.

You are loving the park more and more, being outside for walks when it is warm.

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