11 Months - June 2, 2014

You like to wave to new people that you see. You also like to wave at your Grandpa Facer when he is sitting on the stand in church as the Bishop. You can pick Beaver out of the sacrament line-up. 

You attended lots of bonfires and beach days this month.

You are now at the age that you are really liking to play at the park - climbing up the stairs, going down slides with us.

You can walk from furniture piece to furniture piece. You can also walk around just holding one of our hands. Going to be doing it on your own soon!

We visited Berkeley/SF area to try to find an apartment. We found one! I knew it was a good fit when you "walked" down the hallway to your own room and got excited. We also took you on walks around the block by Darren & Corinne's house, and you could do a whole block or two with us just holding one of your hands. You get so happy the more you can move and do on your own.

You've spent a lot of time in the backyard with grandma and grandpa. You "water" the flowers with grandma, and grandpa takes you on "walkabouts" and you discover all sorts of things.

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