12 Months - July 2, 2014

You are walking all by yourself and you are very good at it - even in the sand! You linked it all together right around 11 1/2 months and you haven’t gone back to crawling since! 

Walking has given you a ton of confidence and freedom, it is so fun to see you cruising around wherever you want.

We celebrated your 1st birthday on the 4th of July. Beach all day at churches, then we came back to the house and had a lemon & blueberry cake for you that I made. You weren’t that stoked on it. :) You loved opening your gifts and you took time with each one, studying it, reading the book, playing with the doll, holding up the clothes, etc. It was so sweet to see and it really did seem like you were thankful for each one. What a sweetie.

No real words yet - just dadadadada all day long. But I think you understand a lot of words.

You’ve done this for a while, but you pat your belly when you’re nakey before/after a bath.

You were successfully weaned from breastfeeding. Bittersweet! We had a good go, especially considering how many rough patches there were!

We sure love our curious, sweet, and adventurous one-year-old. Can’t wait to see all of the things you’ll keep learning and doing baby girl.

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