10 Months - May 2, 2014

First hike - we hiked the Y with you on my back in the Ergo the whole way!

You turned 10 months in Hawaii!!! 

You are officially a beach baby. You love love love the water. You loved having us run you right up to the waves and let them break on your legs. At first you did NOT like the sand, not even sitting on a towel on top of the sand...you are a texture person, so I guess it bothered you. But one day you scooted right off the towel and started picking it up in your hands and letting it fall on your legs and you were all of a sudden loving it and crawling all over.

You got a lot of attention in Hawaii from strangers...”little Betty!” Because you are the cutest baby.

You practiced patience this month with mom and dad finishing classes, finals, graduating, and packing up the house.

You did pretty well on both flights to and from Hawaii. And you always do great in the car!

You have mastered taking naps in your carseat, especially when the sound of the waves can lull you to sleep.

Speaking of sleep....you woke up a couple times a night and would stay up for an hour or two in the middle of the night! It must have just been the time change, but boy that was rough. 

We call you our adventure baby, and we love that we can take you anywhere!

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