First Trimester

Thoughts on my first trimester:

This is such a weird time in pregnancy. I was overjoyed at the thought of being pregnant, but at the same time I was feeling pretty lousy and you can't really share the excitement with too many people.

Luckily, morning sickness was not too big of an issue. I instead felt nauseuos all day, but didn't throw up too often. Maybe only 4-5 times the whole trimester. Plus I felt it a lot stronger at night as opposed to the morning. I was SUPER tired. Our bed was my favorite place to be. The smell of any food was overwhelming. I didn't get pregnancy cravings, but rather I had super strong food aversions. But, thankfully, I was able to continue working full-time which was a great blessing. I really don't think I had it that bad compared to other stories I've heard. But there is a thought in the back of your head like "will I ever feel normal again?" Luckily at around 12 weeks, nausea subsided and I was feeling more myself. I didn't get that second trimester upswing in energy though! I am still waiting on that!

Good things about first trimester:
- Finding out we were preggo
- Sharing the news with family at Thanksgiving
- Watching my belly start to grow
- Dave being a HUGE support. He honestly took over doing the dishes that whole trimester. He helped with laundry, cleaning, and filling up my water bottle :) He's always been a great partner, and I'm so thankful for that!
- Seeing Dave get so excited about having a little baby to squish and to hold
- Planning for the future
- Meaningful prayers and purposeful living
- Appreciating the little things...like eating something that actually tastes good!

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