A Little Babe

Hey bloggy. Yes! We are expecting a little baby girl this summer! Due July 2nd. What a great time of year! I am stoked to have a baby born in the summer. Both Dave and I have birthdays in June, and it is just so fun with the bbqs, bonfires, surfing, sun stays up late, etc. I am excited to have that for our little girl.

We are feeling super blessed these days. I have been pretty lucky with this pregnancy so far. I am feeling good. The time went by soooo slow for me the first 20 weeks. But since I've passed that mid-way hump, things have started to pick up pace. Plus my belly has finally started to grow, so it makes things seem more real. I am 24 weeks right now, only 16 to go. 

Baby girl kicks a lot. She is going to be an active one. What a cool feeling it is. I already feel like a mama bear protecting this little girl. Especially when I drive, I get easily frustrated with bad drivers. Don't they know what I'm carrying here?! Haha.  

Other than the baby news...we really haven't been up to too much. I am still working full-time, and Dave is still in hard classes (only one semester left after this one! yes!). We are surviving the coldest winter I have ever experienced. It is finally starting to warm up here a little bit.

We are making plans for the summer...and dreaming of what life will be like. 

Recent Happenings:
- A couple weekends ago we got to be in California for Skee and Roxy's wedding. Such an amazing time. They are so rad and a perfect pair. It made for the perfect weekend with family, a sunny beach day, and the temple. Lovely.
- My sister and Luke & Kari got into BYU-Hawaii and will probably be going there. Woo! Stoked for them. This just means that Dave and I and our little babe will have to save up to visit. We miss that place.
- We are just trying to plan out the summer! It's going to be a good one.

Luckily I have been keeping a regular written journal the past few months. The below posts are catch-up posts documenting some of the things that have happened throughout this pregnancy.

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