you remind me of home

Dave is home from his two week excursion to El Salvador. He had a thrilling time complete with epic surf everyday, good visits with the people he served, and even a classic run in with a machete-waving crazy man. I think I'll have him tell the story of his adventures on here rather than me. So soon to come...Dave in the blogosphere.

After picking up my main squeeze at LAX, we hit the town and went on a fun date. We went to Laguna Beach. Dave used to work at the Thalia Surf Shop right in Laguna, a city we used to frequent a lot back in the dating days. He would ride his motorcycle to work each day, and sometimes I would get to tag along. We have so many good memories in that town, it was so fun to be back...made me crush on Dave all over again. We got into Laguna at the perfect time of day, the sun was setting and we walked along the boardwalk and over to the classic "family-picture-taking-rock-spot" over to the right...anyone who has been to Laguna knows what I'm talking about. And as usual, there were families posing away. So of course, we had our own little photo-op. Later we hit up BJ's Pizzeria for some yummy pizza and pizzookies. Pizzookies can do no wrong in my book. 

We bought tickets to see Crazy, Stupid Love at the old time Laguna theatre.

Tangent - We used to go to this theatre to watch surf movie premiers back in the day. The last time I was there was when Dave and I were dating, we went to  see The Present,  a surf film by Thomas Campbell. Ray Barbee, one of our fav. instrumental artists, was also there and we got to chat it up with him. We also saw John and Jill Facer, Jill was still prego with Dane at the time. Now all this time later, Dave and I are married, and John and Jill just had their second baby. Crazy how time flies!

Anyways, so while waiting for the movie to start we got to window shop and stroll along the beach. There is a restaurant up the hill that has live bands play. The band there that night did some covers of some of our favorite songs..one including Trouble by Coldplay. We danced and sang and and crushed like teenagers all over again. So much fun. Overall, that night was a great reunion with my dear. And a great reminder of all of the wonderful reasons I am so lucky to be married to such a hunk.

As much fun as California can be, I am so glad to be home in our little house back in Provo with Dave. Let the good times roll.

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