10 Things.

1. Reading The Help with Dave every night out loud. We've never read a book out loud with one another, but now I love it. It is a great way to connect at the end of the day, and sparks some good conversation.

2. Creating things. Pillows. Curtains. Quilt. Wreath. Pictures to come. I am loving my new sewing machine.

3. Job searching. Had many interviews, and many end the same..."You are overqualified." or "I think you'd get bored with this position." Seriously? I sit there and try to sell myself, all for them to turn around and tell me I probably wouldn't like the job. Come on. I just need a job. GIVE IT TO ME. Arrrgh. It will happen though.

4. Best friend Kari comes home in 1.5 days. Are you kidding me? I am so beyond excited to see that girl.

5. Conference weekend coming up, and so many fun people coming to stay. Sarah + Tyler (good friends), Clare + Steven (sister and fiance), Luke (brother), possibly Kari, Shannon (sister), Jared (cousin)...and probably others. Gonna be a hoot. Oh and conference will be amazing too. I'm SURE of it.

6. Tried out a Zumba class tonight. I looked 'a fool! Oh and it definitely helped when the Zumba instructor got all up in my face while shimmying and screaming at me "Shake it girl!!". Keep it up. Maybe it would help if I got pants that had tassels on the butt pockets like hers. Just a thought.

7. Been riding all around town on Dave's motorcycle, and loving it.

8. Not having an IPhone kinda makes me feel left out of the instagramming-craze. It's ok. I'll take some sweet pics with my point-and-shoot. Isn't that the real cool thing to do now?

9. There was a worker outside our window (one foot outside our window) chopping down a tree with a chainsaw yesterday. On a Sunday, for seven hours straight. Right during prime nap time! Oh the insanity.  

10. Finally getting better at the whole "cooking dinner thing." I used to not cook too often due to being in school and working - both of us wouldn't get home until 10 or 11 at night. So I came to the decision, since I am home for about 12 hours a day right now, that I could possibly maybe sorta squeeze in time to cook dinner. Ha, just kidding. But seriously, I have expanded my repetoire to about 10 things. Go me! When a meal turns out good, I parade around the house chanting my own made up theme song: "You did it, You cooked it, Ya Ya you cooked it!" And I don't feel ashamed. No ma'am.

+1. Speaking of cooking. I have perfected the art of baking cookies. And will admit that I made cookies more times last week then times I went to the gym. Gasp! But they were goood cookies.

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Elise said...

Cute blog!

Thanks for the suggestion to the store in LH. I was just there yesterday at a different fabric store... and always looking for better ones (cheaper + better is hard to find!) I just spent $130 on 5 yards of fabric. Yuck.