stewart falls


Friday. Skated. Painted.

Saturday. Boating = wakesurfing & sun all day long. So so nice.

Sunday. Church. Walk with Dave.

Monday/Pioneer Day. Woke up early. Read stories about the real pioneers. Assimilation: our own pioneer hike to Stewart Falls. Seven Peaks. X-Men.

Living in California, I don't know  that I ever fully appreciated Pioneer Day...still had work and school, sometimes the ward would do a picnic. Living in Utah? Completely different experience. Provo SHUT DOWN, including school and work. We had a full three-day-weekend, it was glorious. It was a great day to be out enjoying nature...All the time I have lived in Provo I have not hiked Stewart Falls. It is a beautiful hike and the mist of the falls is so refreshing. Love Sundance, still need to go on one of those moonlight lift rides sometime.

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