finally the fourth

Finally what we did on the fourth..

Sad to say we did not spend the day at Churches (San Clemente/San Onofre area), as has been tradition since I can remember. The 4th is one of the days in the year that our family, thanks to our other family - -the Tusieseinas, gets on the military base at camp Pendleton. It is a day full of barbequeing, volleyball tournaments, surfing, swiming, bocce, music, and good times. Back in the day we used to wake up at 3 or 4 am just to stake out our usual spot (not that that beach is super crowded like others on the 4th), but for the past ten years we roll in around 6 a.m. since we live so close. Luckily mom says the waves were small this year anyway., it helped soothe Dave just a little bit hehe. It was hard to be away this year, but we managed to have a great time here in Provo, and it just makes us look forward to it that much more next year, yes...we will be going!

Provo really goes all out for the 4th. We decided to embrace the "culture" that is Provo and we walked about a block from our house to watch the annual 4th of July parade...complete with bag pippers pipping, drummers drumming, ladies dancing, ...wait, wrong holiday? Well, you get the idea. We stayed for only an hour and then went on a bike ride down the Provo River trail.

Two BBQs ensued...2? Yes...For lunch we had a great BBQ at the Haymonds and for dinner we went to a BBQ with the Facers. We like having family up here :D And for fireworks we watched the Stadium of Fire show from cousins lawn and set off some of our own until it started to rain. Good times.

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