my motto as of late.

this seems to be my motto as of late. finals week once again (only have one more round of finals in august! yeee) 


. we are MOVING. (only 2 blocks away) to a place that is a little bigger, doesn't have mold and bugs, and no CRAZIES (neighbors). we are excited and i can't wait to decorate.

. going to california again this weekend. it is my 22nd birthday, dave's 24th birthday, his little bro's birthday, father's day, and ske is home from hawaii for a bit. we thought it was a good weekend to see everybody.

. saw soul surfer. loved it. cheesy? yes. awesome? yes. made me want to get reeeally good at surfing? yes. good thing we will be in the water this weekend. ok and i might have teared like 3 times. but its alright, so did dave. (love you dear!)

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