I wanna live life, and be good to you.

one year anniversary.

woke up slow, started the day with a bikeride to tom's backyard for a barbeque with some friends.

headed out to salt lake to see the "living planet aquarium." it looked a little ghetto from the outside but it was legit! so many cool/weird/unique things to see. we love things like that.

let me attempt to explain this last series. so i was admiring the seahorses and bragging to dave about how i did a whole report and presentation on them in like the 5th grade...mid brag this dude reaches into the tank. my face was pressed up so close to the glass i thought he was going to grab me, i jumped so high and may have yelped loud enough that everyone around us thought i was a freak. anyways, this guy's objective becomes clear when he snatches up a little innocent seahorse. dave: "yep, he's dead." me: sad + moment of silence..moving on.

after our sweet times we drove into downtown to go to sushi at this place "naked fish" our friends had told us about. it didn't even cross my mind until we were pulling up that we had just been to an aquarium to see these fishies, and now we were eating them! oh the horror! but i got over it pretty quick (5 seconds)and we had some super good sushi! our friend works there so she hooked us up with a VIP room where you eat authentic style. we had to take our shoes off (so did the servers everytime they took our order or brought us food...talk about annoying (for them) & entertaining (for us)). and we sat at one of those low tables with pillows for seats. it was rad. quite the experience and oh so good.

so recommendations: definitely the rakuen roll! it is citrus sushi done right. one of the best things i've ever eaten. then they gave us free mochi for our anniversary! it is like a gelato icecream surrounded by rice paper and a super good sauce.

great anniversary and a great day spent together. oh and we have decided for gifts on our anniversary we will always buy each other a new pair of Vans Shoes. what a great tradition (we will see how long it lasts). its fun for now. hoora for love and new vans

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